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Monday, 4 July 2016

WisePro Responsive Blogger Template Free Download

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Recently I released a new blogger template which was a copy of Eleven40 wordpress theme. People loved my Eleven40 Responsive Blogger Template and was downloaded by hundreds of people in a single day. I also got many positive feedback about the theme which motivated me to create another amazing blogger template. Now Introducing WisePro Responsive Blogger Template.
WisePro Responsive Blogger Template is not like other blogger templates out there. There are lots of feature in this theme which makes it unique. This is a 2 column, 3 column footer responsive blogger template. Not only this but it is fast loading, SEO ready and Content focused theme. Lets explore the features of this template but first take a live demo of the theme.

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  1. Fully Responsive
  2. SEO Ready
  3. Fast Loading
  4. Sticky Sidebar with Shortcode
  5. Sticky Menu and Top Notifications Bar with Shortcode
  6. Shortcodes Supported
  7. Clean Layout Section
  8. Support Sneeit’s SpotSettings
  9. and many more…

Some Screenshots

GTmetric Speed Test

Pingdom Speed Test



Layout is clean so that you don’t face any problem playing with your widgets. Also we inserted a widgets to make it easy for you to place your custom JavaScript and CSS right inside the template. You placed code will be placed in the bottom of the template which can easily override the styles previously defined.

Using Sneeit's SpotSettings

If you don’t know about Sneeit’s SpotSettings then go here and take a look how this works. Using Sneeit’s Spotsettings, You can easily modify the template as per your needs. Few examples are:- If you want a Share Button above the post then just “Check the checkbox and you are done. Here is a thing you can do with SpotSetings on this template.
  1. Define Custom Summary Length.
  2. Hide/Show Read More on Home/Archive Pages.
  3. Set default image for no thumbnail posts.
  4. Enable/Disable Share Buttons below post title on posts/pages.
  5. Enable/Disable Share Buttons below post body on posts/pages.
  6. Enable/Disable Sidebar on Homepage/Post Page/Archive Page.
All these features are just one click away from you. Just paste the code in the box and set your desired settings. This make the template completely yours, customize the theme as you want and enjoy.

Using Shortcodes

There are a lots of shortcodes in this theme which makes content creation easy. You can put Alert box, Facebook Like Box, Make Specific Post/Page Full Width, Make Sidebar On Left, Hide Sidebar. All supported shortcodes are:-
  1. [full_width]This will make the post body and sidebar full width
  2. [no_sidebar]This will hide the sidebar. Only full with post will be shown
  3. [sidebar_left]This will shift the sidebar to left and post to the right
  4. [fb page="your-page-name"]This will embed a Facebook like box.
  5. [alert type="success"] Your Success Text [/alert]This will show a success message box in post with your text in it
  6. [alert type="notice"]Your Success Text [/alert] This will show a notice message box in post with your text in it
  7. [alert type="warning"]Your Success Text [/alert] This will show a warning message box in post with your text in it
  8. [alert type="error"]Your Success Text [/alert] This will show a error message box in post with your text in it
  9. _Sub-Menu-TextThis can be used only in menu widget. Just place “_” before the name and it will become the submenu of the element above it.

Making Sidebar, Menu and Notification Widget Sticky

This theme supports shortcodes which makes this theme extremely powerful and yet easy to customize.  You can make any widget I.e sidebar widget/ menu widget/ notification widget sticky by just putting a code <code>[sticky]</code> into the title of the widget. Putting this code will make them sticky on scroll. In mobile devices the sticky widgets will automatically become unsticky to save the screen. It means it will be sticky only on desktops/laptops.
Note: Don’t Make 2 Widgets Sticky at the same time into the sidebar section. This will case problem in template.

Having Issues ?

I tried to make everything extremely easy for users but still If you are facing any problems using this theme then please drop your comment below. I am here to solve all the queries about this theme.