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Friday, 24 June 2016

Eleven40 Responsive Blogger Template

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Everyone knows the Eleven40 Wordpress Theme because of it simplicity. Eleven40 is a simple, sleek, attractive and content focused theme which not only increase engagement to your page but also supplies the great user experience. So here we are with a new Eleven40 Responsive Blogger Template.

Eleven40 Responsive Blogger Template is fully equipped with the features that too with the same wordpress look. There are four versions(Blue,Greed,Red and Brown) of Eleven40 theme available. You can grab whichever suits your blog. But first please take a look to its features.


  1. Fast Loading
  2. Small Page Size
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. SEO Ready
  5. Awesome Related Post Widget
  6. and few more…
NOTE: Above matrices may vary slightly for individual.
Structured Data Report

Widgets and Codes

Search Widget

To get the search widget as shown in demo website, you just have to copy and paste the below code to your layout widgets. Place the code wherever you want.
<form style="" id="searchbox" method="get" action="/search">
<input style="line-height:35px;width:74%;" name="q" placeholder="Search here..." type="text">
<input id="button-submit" value="Search" type="submit">

Changing theme color

This theme is available in 4 different colors. As you can see the blue color scheme in demo. If you want Green Theme just search for "eleven40-blue" and replace "eleven40-blue" with "eleven40-green".
Similarly for Red Theme search for "eleven40-blue" and replace"eleven40-blue" with "eleven40-red" and if you want the Brown Theme search for "eleven40-blue" and delete the "eleven40-blue".

Must Read

If you decided to use this theme in your blog please don’t remove the footer link. If you removed the footer link then you will not receive  any support with this or any other theme. Please respect our hours of hard work.
If you are facing any problem, you can post it right here. I will try to solve your query.

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